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I haven't written on here since March!  :O

Well alot has happened since then and here is a nice list to explain it all. Because I am way too lazy to write long explanations.

*What I did for my birthday:
-Went to my grandmother's house and watched Shawn of the Dead and Phantom of the Opera.
-After that I went home because my niece and nephew was coming over but had already left to go to my brother's new house. So I rode my bike there and spent the night. My niece convinced me to and we ended up watching Frozen(for like the 20th time XD) and Zombieland.
-The next day me and my niece went back to my house and my youngest nephew was there. So we started on making my pizza cake:…
It was well loved believe me.
Oh and heres the pic that inspired me to make my pizza cake:…
-For my birthday I got two cardigans(black and white)that kinda remind me of the cardigan Julianne Hugh was wearing in Safe Haven. Speaking of Safe Haven, I got it for my birthday! :D
Its one of my favorite movies of all time. Along with Torque. <3
I also got this big Game of Thrones tv show guide type book. Its the one called 'Inside HBO'S Game of Thrones'. Its so awesome.  :)
(which reminds me I have to finish reading that first got book)

*Something I didn't expect to do was get my niece and nephews interested in Teen Wolf. It started off with me trying to get them to behave and next thing I know we were on season 3. Speaking of Teen Wolf,  I got season 3b a few months ago along with two volumes of manga. Vampire Knight and Kimi Ni Todoke. They will forever be my faves. Even with the endings of the two latest volumes. Talk about plot twists. >:/

*I am also in love with the Captain America movies.
I NEVER expected to like them. When I first seen the Avengers movie  I thought Cap.A. was a little serious but an ok guy. But after watching the movies I completely understand. I mean I would hope to understand him after watching the movies like 30 times. Just kidding. haha
Its actually about 15 times.

*I've found 3 animals since April. A turtle, ferret and a baby chick! ^^…………

*My cat Tigger died back in June(21st). Rest in Peace cute little Tigger...…
I think she was over 14 years old. I've had her since I was in Kindergarten and she is one of the most amazing pets I've ever owned. She pretty much taught all of the cats(that I've owned) what they know.

*On a lighter note, I have finally watched Camp Rock. Somebody gave me that movie like 5 years ago but I didn't watch it till a few weeks ago.  ^^;
My niece had come over here so we watched it together. Needless to say, I LOVED the movie. Especially my niece.  :)
She was disappointed that they didn't kiss though. I didn't care that much that they didn't kiss but I still kinda wanted them to be together. :/
I plan to get the 2nd one to see if they do or not. I could just google it but I want to be surprised.
Take that tumblr addiction to spoilers!

*I've also been reading/watching the Homestuck comic. ^^
I used to read it normally on the site till I found out people were reading it on youtube. Which is so much easier...
So I've been getting caught up with that comic(I took a break from watching it/reading it)and now I'm in Act 6 pt. 3 I THINK.
And since they haven't made any new videos yet I might start reading it again. Which is fun too.
Name of the channel: CoLab.

*I've been hanging out with my brother's girlfriends kids too. I don't mind that much. They're nice and we all like the same things. So when I had time over the summer I would bike ride to their house(for exercise and also because I enjoy biekriding)and we'd watch movies and make dinner. Or play outside with the dogs or go walking in the woods.

*I've also been working on stuff I've been procrastinating on. Half way done with it too.  :)

Maybe I'll even be able to stop calling myself the Professional Procrastinator by the end of the year(thats my name on the tumblr headbar).

I think thats about it.

I mean aside from doing alot of cleaning(yardwork/housework). And being told about the new seasons of Teen Wolf and Game of Thrones by my friends and my nephew(i love spoilers what can i say). But I don't feel like writing about all that.

OH! oH MY GOSH. I almost forgot to talk about my new books!
I bought the Mortal Instruments series and I'm currently on the 4th book.  ^^

I also found the perfect shade of natural red hair dye for me(nearly the exact shade of red I had before I got highlights).

And I got my niece into drawing and writing. Mostly drawing though. I bought these cute notebooks for us to do whatever in and she loves them. I mostly do the writing for her though. XD
I think shes in 2nd grade now but she only likes to write if she has to. Other than that she draws and reads. Just like

Something else we have in common is wanting Jack Frost and Elsa to be together. At first she had thought that Jack Frost should be with Periwinkle(a winter fairy in the tinkerbell movies) then I mentioned Elsa and she agreed with that choice more. We decided that Periwinkle could be their adopted fairy daughter(haha).

Update: I forgot to write about how I had gone to see the Guardians of the Galaxy movie a few days ago. I can't believe I almost forgot to mention that!
Ok so first off I highly recommend it. The beginning was a little sad but otherwise the movie is funny. Oh and the girl that plays Gamora(green alien/one of main characters) is played by the same actress that plays that main blue avatar alien in Avatar. I've never seen that movie but someone told me that was her. And Vin Diesel plays Groot(the tree humanoid type thing).

I also really liked Groot and Rocket in the movie.

Groot and Rocket best bros for life!  <3
Through out the whole movie I was always looking forward to their parts. I mean I love their whole friendship and the ending especially. Don't want to say anything because of spoilers but its very sweet.
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  • Reading: Mortal Instruments - book 4: City Of Fallen Angels
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